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About us

MadeInBritainltd, has reunited computer science workers with more than 10 years of experience. At present, we offer a complete range of services, from traditional - the lodging for sites, corporative mail, vps and rents servers to the services advanced €œin the cloud€ for the businesses.

We help to many companies and people to carry out its businesses in a variety of industries. This it is a very interesting work and a great responsibility. Therefore, in each of our services, we tried to provide, following the highest standards of Web hosting, based on 10 years of experience and the best practices of the industry. Important us every day actually to prove to all the clients whom. €œHosting de Nueva Generation - MadeInBritainltd€.

What we are making to fulfill our goals?

We choose only powerful and trustworthy equipment, because we know important that to our clients his yield and an operation without problems.

We worried not only in the businesses, but also on the environment, reason why we used in our contracted datacenter, €œthe green€ technology for the climatic control systems, as well as the hardware of servant who consumes the less energy and occupies the less space.

For the system of management of services, we chose advanced software. This allows us to offer asked for services of vanguard before the other and in a high level.

Most important. Our equipment has experience in different areas, but with common interests. The professionalism of the personnel is confirmed by numerous certificates, MadeInBritainltd, Cisco and other manufacturers. We think that the company grows, when grows people. Therefore, the training continuous for nascent and professional is undergone.

We do of the simple lodging and reliable, we make a pile of hard work, but most important we like.