Your VPS in HostingCaracas

It discovers our hosteados fast VPS in our own cloud, we offer limitless transference and with the lowest price in Venezuela, from 600bsf/mes incredible!

VPS Linux

We have the distributions that you need: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu and Settled Wordpress.

VPS Windows

All the present versions of Windows: Windows 8,1 PRO, 7 Completes to you, Server 2008 and 2012 R2 Enterprise.

HostingCaracas offers ready surroundings of development to use to accelerate its projects.

  • Services of optimized VPS Windows for games, applications laas, sass and personal cloud.
  • Services of VPS Linux optimized for VPN, websites and backup disk online.
  • Last version of the most popular applications in surroundings optimized Debian 7 for Web.
  • Customized Linux distributions and/or distributions with settled applications

The virtual private servers whom HostingCaracas offers have operating systems and distributions in their majority optimized to Web by our laboratories.

  • Adapted to improve the time of installation and the stability of the services Web.
  • Protected to reduce the exhibition risk to attacks.
  • Preconfigurados to improve the yield of services critics.
How to choose the type of VPS?

This range of VPS is oriented to operation sites and smooth applications, you will obtain sufficient energy and will save instead of to order a dedicated servant.

All our VPS have isolate resources and means that their neighbors in the virtual servant, are isolate like you. This causes that it makes the complete use of his resources, that is to say we guaranteed to all our clients the resources to him of CPU and ram that have asked.

If you do not know what plan agrees to him, it consults with our experts.