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Opportunities of Work

Seriousness in the Market.

MadeInBritainltd has more than 10 years in the business and is between the 5 main suppliers of lodging in Venezuela. We actively impel in the Venezuelan market the new SaaS businesses.

From our point of view:

  • Our employees learn actively and pass the professional certificate.
  • New projects provide experience with the vanguard technology.
  • Our people are growing (line is not moderate, but the personnel sees itself).

We like much to be at work:

  • Amiable personnel in addition to professional ethics
  • Work that fulfills the parameters established in the Law of the Worker.
  • Opportunity to initiate or to continue a race in YOU and to do what is interesting.


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Specialist in technical support


  • To advise to the clients or through telephone, live chat or e-mail (high-priority).
  • Technical questions for the services of client of hosting and virtual servers.
  • To write instructions for the center of resources and the knowledge base.
  • The participation in the projects of the company.


  • You understand that you are a site and knowledge how to place it in Internet.
  • You already know how to form e-mail programs and understands what they are protocols HTTP, HTTPS, smtp, POP3, FTP, IMAP and the differences to each other.
  • You understand the general concept of the work of domain names (DNS).
  • Experience preferred with the operating systems Windows/Linux (Debian).
  • The great advantage is the presence of the basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, MySQL.
  • The knowledge of the function of the most popular CMS.
  • The abilities of communication, patience, emotional balance, the capacity to learn among others.
  • And even if you do not have technical knowledge, but there is a desire to learn, to grow and to help to the clients and fellow workers, then it comes! We will help him in the formation.


  • Use Based on the Law of the Work.
  • Schedule (5/2, 2/2, 2/2, with turns at night).
  • Education.
  • Amiable friendly and personal guide.
  • Opportunity for the professional growth.

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Designer and Analyst Web


  • Basic pursuit Configuration (Google Analytics).
  • Analysis of the traffic of entrance and the usability of the site.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaigns of publicity and activities of marketing.
  • Creation of recommendations to improve the conversion of entrance traffic.


  • Experience with analysis Web
  • Advanced knowledge of Google Analytic.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript are welcomes.
  • Experience of the contextual publicity.
  • Experience of tests of division A/B
  • English intermediate level and superior.
  • Desire to develop in the commercialization of the Internet and/or product management.


  • Professional growth and competitive and stable conditions of compensation.
  • Interesting tasks, excellent product and official use.
  • Young person and amiable person
  • 5/2 loyal to the arrival schedule/exit